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Our Skillset


Concept Development

We’re thinkers. It’s a blessing and a curse. Our minds are always working, spinning, creating. And there’s nothing that gets our synapses more juiced than a shiny new project.


Social Media

We will assist in creating a social media presence to help target audiences more effectively. Giving you the opportunity to learn who your audience is and giving your audience the ability to interact with your brand instantly. Using different social media outlets to post engaging, entertaining, and relevant content to create more opportunities to sell to your consumers.


Brand Strategy

The communications ecosystem is increasingly complex to navigate, with traditional media still very much alive, digital continuously threaded into our every behavior (online and off), and the lines between traditional and
digital increasingly blurred. We help brands understand and navigate it, and track results through evidence based analysis.


SEO, SEM, Web Architecture and Marketing

Even the best creative is invisible if no one can find you. That’s where our resident “beautiful minds” come in. While our creatives are sketching concepts, our search gurus are sketching algorithms. Together they paint a beautiful picture of online marketing results.


Print Design

In a world where the differences in product function and benefits gets increasingly smaller, companies look towards great design to distinguish their brand. That’s where we come in.


Original Illustration

With our network of professional illustrators around the world, we have limitless styles at our disposal to create the perfect piece for your campaign.


Digital and Interactive Design

Distinctive interactive design and development encompasses all PG Media’s combined skills to create engaging web experiences.



PG Media has four in-house photographers who can cover any assignment or industry. Whether it’s fashion, travel, location, product, real-estate or lifetsyle, we’ll get the shot.


Motion Graphics and Animation

Whether its entertaining and informative graphics for corporate presentation, titles for a independent film project or web animation for your website, the artists at PG Media can create distinctive animation within your budget.


Film & Video Production

There is over 45 years of filmmaking experience among PG Media’s founding nucleus. From the days of 35mm commercial film production to the latest 4K production and post production techniques, no one is more professional or better equipped to handle any production.


The Team

Meet our industry leading creative individuals performing mental gymnastics to solve your business' unique marketing challenges.

Alex Malagon

Alex Malagon

CEO View Details
Ricardo Porven

Ricardo Porven

Creative Director View Details
Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez

Designer & Developer View Details
Paloma Vazquez

Paloma Vazquez

Brand Strategist View Details
Rony Cinco

Rony Cinco

Director Interactive UI & Sound View Details
Manny Porven

Manny Porven

Sr. Art Director - Photographer View Details
Larry Barditch

Larry Barditch

VP, Digital Strategy View Details
Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Junior Account Executive View Details
Alex Malagon

Alex Malagon


With over 20+ years in both traditional and digital media, Alex has worked with an array of notable clients. Both B2B and B2C. From promising startups to established Fortune 500 companies such as Starwood Resorts, LVMH and Capital One. His expertise include hospitality, luxury brands and financial institutions. His passion is to create long lasting, visually impactful campaigns that yield true results.

Ricardo Porven

Ricardo Porven

Creative Director

Ricardo Porven is an award-winning, 20+ year veteran, of the advertising industry. In that time he was directly responsible for creating memorable and effective campaigns for an impressive roster of national clients, such as Ford Motor Company, Mobil Oil, American Airlines, Pizza Hut, M&M Mars, SC Johnson Wax, Office Depot and more.

Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez

Designer & Developer

Francisco graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa with his BFA in Art and Design. He has over 7 years of experience in graphic design, web design, and social media. He has certifications from Google Analytics and Digital Sales over his 3 year tenure at Infopaginas, one of Puerto Rico’s largest business directories. He has also worked in collaboration build amazing online experiences, utilizing the latest technology and best practices.

Paloma Vazquez

Paloma Vazquez

Brand Strategist

Paloma thrives on change and evolution – and loves solving the business and marketing challenges that result from them. Paloma has 15+ years’ experience (10+ of those post-MBA) working with global consumer and service brands (like American Express, Burger King, Estee Lauder, Fisher-Price, JCPenney, Mattel and Zumba Fitness, among others). A breadth and diversity of experiences has afforded her a wide brand and business perspective.

Rony Cinco

Rony Cinco

Director Interactive UI & Sound

Rony is our resident interactive and digital design expert and also our sound and music director. His career spans over 17 years in both print and digital design, winning numerous awards and accolades. He is also an accomplished illustrator and animator. He is represented musically by BMI.

Manny Porven

Manny Porven

Sr. Art Director - Photographer

Manny is PG Media’s double threat. In addition to a long career in design winning awards across the country for varied clients and agencies, Manny is also an accomplished lifestyle, location and product photographer.

Larry Barditch

Larry Barditch

VP, Digital Strategy

Larry Barditch is considered a subject matter expert in the field of digital marketing. He combines 20 years of entrepreneurship, retail eCommerce experience, as a “technologist” developing digital marketing products and Vice President on both the Advertising and Marketing side. His “One Agency, One Message” approach has helped combine the best traditional and digital elements together to deliver a unified message. Larry is also known as a digital “disrupter” by influencing consumer online behavior. Larry is also a frequent contributor to industry publications and speaker at industry conferences on how to “Win the Click” and how to “Create a Champagne marketing campaigns on a Beer Budget.”

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Junior Account Executive

Carlos is one of the new rising stars on the PG Media Team. We were very lucky to have swiped him up after a stint with Fortune Real Estate’s Marketing Team. Graduating top of his class in Marketing from St.Thomas University, he is already handling himself like a seasoned veteran, while providing support on our current projects. Keep an eye out for this guy…

  • Power Players Sports Landing Page
  • Don't Lose Your Star
  • Ravensuit
  • Lynx Construction Management
  • Film-Gate Interactive Film Festival
  • Brickell Bank
  • Naiyara Restaurant
  • 8exchange
  • Waltgrace Vintage

Reach out. Nothing gets our team more excited than a shiny new project to get our hands on.